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appraisers/Wilson & Associates - specializes in Residential and Commercial Appraisals.

Real Estate AppraiserAppraisers/Wilson & Associates works hard to provide superior client service to our clients by making our clients' needs our reason for being in business. Our clients find that we strive to make certain that we have the competitive edge in capturing the market we serve by providing exceptional quality of service. 


Your appraisal will be performed by one of our professionally trained appraisers to determine the market value of your home or business.

The appraiser inspects the residential or commercial property and then analyses recent closed sales of similar properties in the area, as well as similar properties currently on the market which are similar in design and appeal. The appraiser then determines an estimated values for the property by analyzing the data.

  • We provide professional service with reasonable rates and excellent turnaround time.
  • Our appraisers are knowledgeable in the 21 counties we cover in the greater Atlanta area.
  • We use the highest technologically advanced data sources available for our research.
  • We provide clear and courteous communications with our clients.
  • We contact the property owner immediately to schedule an appointment for inspection.
  • You can fax or email your order (fax 770/319-9191)
  • We provide electronic delivery of the appraisal to your email address.
  • For your convenience we accept Visa and MasterCard, Discover and American Express

With these tools in place, we are confident that our clients home appraisal needs will be better served. Knowing that they have an accurate home appraisal will bring our clients peace of mind.

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